Sunday, August 10, 2014

National S'mores Day!

Today (Sunday August 10) was National S'mores Day!

I started preparing on Saturday, making marshmallows. The Alton Brown recipe has been my favorite so far.

Then I made graham crackers from one of my favorite cookbooks, Homemade Pantry.

When the graham crackers came out of the oven, I set the pans on cooling racks and immediately put chocolate and marshmallow on them. This way the chocolate would melt, then cool with the cracker and become one.

I assembled them this way to transport more easily to work tomorrow.

This photos are showing me that I seriously need a better camera than just my phone if I want to take better food photos!

I really wanted to roast these marshmallows over the fire pit, but I'm having a S'mores party in a couple weeks to celebrate my birthday, so I'll wait until then. For which I have plans to make marshmallows and I'm thinking about making a S'mores tart. Graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache topped with marshmallow creme and toasted via culinary torch!

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