Monday, July 28, 2014

Back in the saddle again

3 months ago, I bought a house! It's a cute little 900 square foot house on a .13 acre lot with a large front yard, an equally large back yard and a firepit (one of the major selling points for me to feed my love of S'mores).

I'm getting very into Urban Homesteading. I missed a lot of the growing season with my house purchase timing, but I am vigorously planning for next spring and projects over the winter. My plan is to do square foot gardening in the space between the street and sidewalk (a very common occurrence in my neighborhood, which is one of the things I love about my neighborhood). I am also going to build a chicken coop in February, and get 4-5 hens in the Spring. I am also trying to save money following some Dave Ramsey-ism's in order to "Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else".

I love making things by hand, I'm currently plotting my handmade Christmas. Also working on making things for my house, for myself, my puppy, boyfriend and coworkers. To remind myself how handmade (and more affordable living) is really my ticket to a better life, I started this sign to hang in my kitchen (I want to add a background color).

I also need to get back to studying for my architect's exams, I have 6 more, and I want to be done in 2 years. Winter will be study hard time, and summer will be time to work the land, work on house projects and take care of hens - just like how my farmer grandpa spends his time (replace "studying" with "reading").

As far as blogging, I feel like my Facebook has become a blog and I want to spend less time on Facebook but still want to write/share about my life and projects, successes and failures. I used to blog at - and while I'm still learning to be cheap (er, frugal), being in the PNW is really the most important characteristic of my current situation. I have moved home and I am ready to build/grow roots here.