Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food journal 9/3/2012

4oz coconut milk
handful spinach greens
Now that's a blackberry!
approximately 1 pint of giant Oregon blackberries
3 huge spoonfuls thawed raspberries
6 ice cubes

I spent my morning cooking and it was great! I am remembering that back when I lived in Brooklyn I would spend my Saturdays playing tennis in the park at 7am then hitting the farmer's market then going home and making food for a few hours. The leftovers would feed me for a couple days after. I love to cook and bake! Starting this new way of eating (Paleo) makes it even more exciting! I'm trying to make pretty much everything in the cookbook Well Fed.

I had the little double burger with lettuce wrap instead of bun
and 3 walla walla sweet onion rings. They are so yummy.
I am very proud that I resisted a milk shake, cause those things are delicious!

Paleo Pad Thai from the book Well Fed, except I didn't have any peas in their pods. It was really tasty and I will definitely be making this again! But adding more green veggies :)
2 (12oz) bottles Crispin Apple Cider (so yummy!)
Mostly Paleo freezer Nut bar!

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