Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dayton Fiesta 5k

I ran (jogged/walked) a 5k today! The last time I ran a 5k my time was about 42 minutes, today I did it in 37:19! I'm so proud of myself! I couldn't have done it without my friend Laura running along side me. We were chatting the whole way and when I would walk she'd slow jog next to me :) Hooray for good, supportive friends! The race path was not that interesting but it ended at Seufert Winery where we got food (pulled pork or a veggie wrap) and a beer or wine, in a real glass we got to keep! Yeah perks!

At the race there was a woman promoting her zombie race in October and now we're going to sign up for that! It's a 5k trail race or 1.5 mile race and you can sign up to be a survivor or a zombie. Huge theatrics like zombies rising up out of the water, a helicopter with a spotlight (it's an evening race) and the starting gun is a tank. It's going to be awesome. Signing up this weekend is $10 off! I'm still on the fence about it though cause it's a more intense race than the one I just did... 5k plus obstacles and things jumping out at me. You can just be a spectator though, so maybe I'll do that and get pumped up to do that actual race next year?

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