Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#17 Voice Lessons

I just returned home from my first voice lesson. It's been suggested a few times from friends who have heard me sing (mainly at church camp) to get voice lessons. I had done it once before with a friend for trade; she gave me a voice lesson and I made dinner, but our lives got in the way of making it a weekly thing.

I found a guy on craigslist with 14 years of experience teaching, high schoolers, in public schools as well as private lessons. My first lesson, and first several lessons, will mostly be vocal exercises. The shape of the mouth, breathing, etc. From doing a few scales he said he could hear that I have/can use my "Head Voice" as well as my "Chest Voice". He also said that (insert probably famous musician's name here) divided the human population into two vocal styles. "Brass" and "Wood" as in brass and wood instruments. And he was excited that my natural range falls into "brass". They tend to have more power in their voice than the "wood" vocals (which I could see, I'm pretty sure my mom has a "wood" voice).

I told him how I've found "my voice" a few times, but don't know how to purposefully achieve it. He asked how old I am and when I told him my birthday was yesterday and this is part of my "Year of 30 Bucketlist", he told me that the vocal chords are one of the last parts of your body to develop fully. And that most opera singers don't hit their prime vocals until their 30s, so I'm starting at the right time!

For now I've agreed to weekly lessons, it's only $20 a week and I can spend that going out to lunch in 2-3 days so I'll just make a swap. Bring food from home for lunch and get a weekly voice lesson!

Now I'm off to play with my puppy, and maybe sing a few scales before Le Boyfriend gets home :)

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