Sunday, December 29, 2013

8 life lessons, borrowed list

I found this blog post in my Facebook feed this morning and everything in it hit close to home. Not that they are lessons I have learned, but they are lessons I need to learn or am working on learning/remembering.

Original post

1. Don’t wait for apologies to forgive.
This is one I would do well to... do. I still hold some resentments and pains from relationships gone wrong. I will never get an apology... or explanation. I hope I am coming closer to accepting that every day. 
2. Just do things. Don’t stress and overthink and procrastinate. Just do.
I have been working on this! I have so much to do, with work/chocolates/exams that I have decided the way to get everything done is the schedule it. I'll post about this in a month or so, once I've had a chance to test the idea. 
3. “Finished is better than perfect.”
And starting is better than not starting! I need to keep working on my painting though, it's been sitting here for a while untouched. And now we have rearranged so I could work on it while watching a movie, which is my preferred way to work :)
4. Don’t force connections with people who make you feel less than amazing.
This is good stuff. Good to remember especially when questioning if I want to continue to hang out with people. 
5. Alone time is crucial.
Yes. I'm finding that my alone time is in the kitchen or at the gym. I miss getting some alone time at home though to work on projects. 
6. Your stuff doesn’t define you.
I just pulled a huge garbage bag full of clothes out of my wardrobe and I'm working on going through my office next. I feel lighter the more stuff I get rid of. 
7. You can go home again. But it won’t be the same. And neither will you.
I've experience this many times. From leaving NY to coming back and leaving OR and coming back. You can't go home to the same thing, but you can go home. And then home is where you make it. Home is relationships not a place or stuff. 
8. You can create the life you want.
Actively working on this. Year of 30. Chocolate business. Puppy. Plans for Hawaii. I'm gonna make the life I want happen!

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