Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#55 Kickstarter Infographics and lists!

My Kickstarter was a success! It's super exciting! I've already spent all the money in my spreadsheet. There isn't any left over. I am buying extra packaging and sticker and things so that I will have some stuff to start with. Here's a list of purchases/actions thus far and then planned purchases/spending allocations.

  • Registered LLC
  • Got my food handlers card
  • Attended free class, Entrepreneurship 101, at the local community college's Small Business center
  • 250 thank you cards
  • 140 stamps
  • 2000 2"x2" stickers
  • 39 small hinged tins for 4 piece
  • 96 medium windowed tins for 12 piece
  • 96 large tins for 24 piece
  • 72 ceramic mugs (that's the minimum order!)
  • 7 Sweatshirts
  • 31 small tins for hot chocolate mix
  • 21 large tins for hot chocolate mix and caramels
  • 100 cellophane bags for marshmallows
  • samples of boxes for s'mores bars
  • 14 small tins for caramels
  • 4000 #3 brown paper cups
  • 2000 #4 brown paper cups
  • 4 colors foil wrappers for S'mores bars (flavors will be color coded)
  • 165' roll of bubble wrap
  • 3' wide wire shelf to store all this stuff on
  • A used chocolate tempering machine
  • Cocoa powder for hot chocolate mix
  • 45 pounds of chocolate for the early bird backers truffles and S'mores bars
  • 2 small scoops for scooping truffles
  • An Oregon shaped cookie cutter
  • (5) Geodesic Dome chocolate molds (I grew up in a dome, it was an obvious choice!)
  • (5) shallow dimpled cylinder molds
  • (2) breaker bar molds to experiment with

Not done/ordered, but allocated for in the budget:

  • 67 hours in commercial kitchen in Jan and Feb
  • Another 60 or so pounds of chocolate
  • Ingredients for S'mores Bars
  • Ingredients for caramels (thinking apple cider, plain, chocolate and perhaps pumpkin)
  • Flavorings for whatever flavors win the vote
  • Food Processor License
  • Insurance
  • Set up online shopping on website.
  • Apply for a Doing Business As, so I don't need to include "LLC" on all my labels 

I am planning to make the Early Bird chocolates mid-December so I can ship the week before Christmas. I should have my machine on Thursday and hope to play with it this weekend while I make some chocolates for Thanksgiving!

I made a map of the zipcodes that have backed me (not counting the one in Switzerland!)

I also made a pie chart of who my backer are, friends, family or strangers. Kind of amazing.

All the references highlighted in green below are on Kickstarter. Direct means they went straight to the project page (most likely from an emailed link).

It's pretty amazing that I reached my goal when I did (day 11 of 30). But I'm not really surprised that I did. I put a LOT of work into planning my project, planning out reward levels and making sure that I would be able to afford to do the project and not end up having to pay for a lot of things out of pocket. Here's the breakdown of the funds from one of my many Post-Success spreadsheets. I will do some comparisons once it's all over and done with. One of the biggest hits is always shipping, so I tried to budget enough for it.

Green = 49.20%= Rewards
Grey = 17.62% = fees/licenses
Blue = 33.18% = equipment/kitchen time

Kickstarter and Amazon Fees$694.348.19%
License and insurance$800.009.43%
Tempering machine$1,200.0014.15%
Chocolate molds$248.272.93%
Kitchen supplies$366.574.32%
Commercial Kitchen time$1,000.0011.79%
Packaging/ labels$1,469.3617.32%
Anticipated Shipping$1,301.3015.34%
Ingredients (remainder)$1403.1616.54%

I sure do love me some charts and graphs! I am also working on plotting my ability to participate in the farmer's market this upcoming summer (with pretty much no plans for a life outside of professional work and chocolate work!) I still want to make the breaker bar that was my second stretch goal but I'm hoping I have an affordable work around to test the concept with the breaker bar molds I purchased. Once I get them I'll be giving it a try. I'd love to be able to sell chocolates, S'mores bars, big chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate mix and seasonal breaker bars at the farmer's market. I have a long ways to go including making labels and getting them approved, getting my food processor license (which I plan to do in January, unfortunately it is not pro-rated and goes from June-June rather than following the calendar year. So part way through the farmer's market season I will need another $325 to renew). I want to get a DBA so I do not need "LLC" on all my labels.

In my planning I realized too late that I didn't include the cost of commercial kitchen time in my goal. So it's a good thing that I exceeded my goal!


54.82% = Reward Fulfillment 
13.39% = Fees and licenses
31.79% = Equipment 

Projected at end of Kickstarter
49.20%= Reward Fulfillment
17.62% = fees/licenses
33.18% = equipment/kitchen time

I don't know how to rotate it in Google Docs. I will follow up with actual when the project is done, in February. 

And now that it's almost 3 hours after I said I would go to bed... off I go, to dream of chocolate making and spreadsheets.

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