Monday, July 29, 2013

Weight loss

I made a deal with my mom to help encourage my weight loss journey. 5# a month, 50,000 steps a week and she'll give me $200. Well it's month one and I reached my step goal but not my weight goal. I've been doing calorie counting but I must be going over and my fitbit "earned" calories can not possibly be correct.

Watching "Hungry for Change", notes while watching
      "Breads, pasta, cereal, pancakes... your body treats these as sugar as soon as it enters your body. "

      "Sugar is a drug just like alcohol is a drug."

      Healthy for Life author - "diets don't work"

      Go from I want that but I CAN'T have it to I CAN have it but I don't want it, massive paradigm shift.

      Juicing... but I prefer smoothies, in part because I already have a blender! I was wanting to make bread, but then it got really hot out so turning the oven on was pretty much not gonna happen.

     We equate love with safety.

     We talk to ourselves in ways we would never let someone else. The concept of loving yourself is the only way to make it sustainable.

Where does my food come from
What went into my food interms of attitude, care compassion
What is my intention with my food?

I really look forward to having a house with a yard for a garden. I was never really into gardening when I was a kid - I usually stayed inside - but as I've gotten older and thought more about my food and where it comes from.

Green foods, berries, legumes. You can't be overweight even if you over eat on these foods. GREEN, not just veggies, GREEN veggies. I need to make changes, lifestyle changes. Perhaps I'll start with a 30 day cleanse? Or... until my birthday on the 19th? I can do that. I have candy and ice cream in the fridge/freezer, but that doesn't mean I need to eat it. I just need to have more fruit and veg. More veg and fruit. Veg being the key item here. I could even go out to eat if I wanted to... just get the SALAD except I don't really like lettuce. I have to do this on my own, no one else can change my eating habits for me! And if I feel like someone is sabotaging me then I'm gonna tell them to STFU and stop sabotaging me because I'm trying to get healthy!

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