Friday, August 31, 2012

Journal: yay starting weightlifting again, boo bills

Weight: down 3.4 pounds! (starting weight measured on 8/27)
Eggs and bacon from Alcyone
Small hot chocolate

Just saw on my health care website that I owe about $2700 in bills from 2 ER visits. Why can't urgent care be open 24 hours... or why can't health issues happen during regular business hours? At least I have insurance though, or else the amount was closer to $9K!

Lunch: Chicken Cesar salad from Alcyone with disappointing sliced deli meat instead of sliced whole chicken breast :( This is what I get for not planning ahead and making/bringing my lunch! Disappointment!

Also, got the car checked, the check engine light is for the knock sensor. $222, and if I can find that 10% off coupon they sent me for the holidays it'll be $200! Weekend mission: find coupon!

Gigantic juicy green grapes

15 min on elliptical, level 3
12 reps, bench press, 12.5# each hand, 3 sets
12 reps, bicep curl, 12.5# each, 3 sets
12 reps lat pulldown, 55# ,3 sets
12 tricep dips, 3 times

I need to get my trainer sheets from my old gum and go through my lifting books to design some routines for myself... I don't know what I'm doing here without written instructions! Our sure feels good to lift again though. This should get my fat loss and muscle gain kicked up, especially paired with cardio 2x a week in kickboxing.

Now I'm home, time to whip up some dinner... 

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to start lifting again too! Though I lift more along the lines of 3-8#s, hahaha. :)