Saturday, September 7, 2013

#39 Whole30

I started the Whole30 on Tuesday, Sept 3rd. So far it's been fine but I think I was dreaming of bread this morning. I have been getting lunches at Pita Pit, a salad with warm meat on it is sooo yummy. I've dropped some weight but I really think it's from my weekend long chocolate making extravaganza, I wasn't eating that much, more like snacking on whatever would keep me going... cheese, crackers and deli meat. I did go out to eat in search of something savory at Side Door Cafe, which I generally love, but the dish I ordered had way too much stuff going on and was overall quite sweet.

So far I haven't really cheated except the mashed potatoes I had at dinner on Wednesday weren't paleo, but everything else. The advice I got from my sister-in-law who recently did her own cleanse through a different program, said something along the lines of, "When you are doing a cleanse for a set period of time, remind yourself that we live in a world of abundance. The things you want to have for a "cheat" will be there when you are done." So far that has been helping when I'm thinking about all the sinfully sugary and gluten-y things I want to make in October!

I haven't really made any Paleo meals yet, just cooked kale chips and chicken and I've been eating out for lunch.

I did The Color Run 5K in Portland this morning which was kinda fun, but I didn't train like at all for it, and now I'm sore! I would like to cook some stuff tonight so I'm gonna go see about that!

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